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A total of 63 DOMs responded to the survey.

The majority of the DOMs who responded bill insurance for more than half of their patients. Most of those who don’t accept insurance stated it is because of closed panels and because of presumed hassles associated with filing claims. Some have dropped insurance companies because of low reimbursement rates. Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Presbyterian are contracted with the most DOMs.

Half of the people surveyed feel that they have to refile claims often. Most say it’s because the insurance companies deny certain codes and because of procedural changes they have not been informed of. Almost all say there is poor communication from the insurance companies and the customer service is sub-par.

Most DOMs think they are not reimbursed well. Presbyterian seems to be the most complained about. People would like to see reimbursement at around $100-$150 per visit. A lot of insurance companies have changed what they are reimbursing for. There were a lot of complaints about the E/M codes being denied and other therapies not being covered, such as manual therapy.

A lot of people have taken the AAC seminar, but feel they still need help and do not have anyone they can ask. Very few people use a billing service. Most have learned through trial and error and do their own billing. There is interest in taking a more in-depth seminar.

People would like to see lower copays, consistent reimbursement rates, easier to understand coding, and increased coverage for services commonly provided.

For the complete results of the survey visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-9MGRYRFWV/

We would like to thank Jake Schmalzriedt, DOM, who constructed the survey.