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NMSAAM is committed to keeping you updated about what is happening with our profession. We work with leaders both in the state and nationally to make sure that you have the information you need to advance our medicine into the future.

Findings from traditional Japanese medicine on the CoV-2 virus by Saul Vallée O.M.D., LicAc.

Clinical practice employing traditional Japanese techniques such as pulse diagnosis leads to strong evidence that microwave disturbance of genetic expression within the vagus nerve (first in bats, then in humans) is a key factor behind covid-19 symptomatology, and such evidence may help open the way to a broader understanding of the chains of causality behind the disease.  

Registration for COVID-19 Vaccinations Available for DOMs

Hello Licensee,
The New Mexico Department of Health is rolling out Phase 1A of the COVID-19 Vaccine. Due to your profession, you have been identified as eligible to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine during this phase. The Department of Health is vaccinating as many of the 1A populations as possible before transitioning to the next phase.

NMSAAM Governance Documents

NMSAAM Governance Documents

NMSAAM Governance Documents and Updates The New Mexico Society for Acupuncture and Asian Medicine has made the decision to host/house our public governance documents on GitHub The reasons for this inlcude: Files can be in plain text (markdown) which will be accessible...

Matching Funds for Donation to NMSAAM this Month!

Matching Funds for Donations to NMSAAM this month! DONATE NOW! The 2020 holiday season began with Thanksgiving and we are quite thankful for you: our NMDOMs, NMSAAM members, corporate sponsors and friends of acupuncturists. We are especially thankful for two of our...

COVID-19 related NEWS for DOMs

COVID-19 related NEWS for DOMs – 3 action items #1 FIRST: Please review Steven Malin’s post in NMSAAM’s News/Blog. Clinical-guidelines-for-practice-regarding-public-health-order-dated-13-november-2020/. #2 SECOND: Free webinar on Wednesday, November 18 – coming right...