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NMSAAM is committed to keeping you updated about what is happening with our profession. We work with leaders both in the state and nationally to make sure that you have the information you need to advance our medicine into the future.

New Tiered Acupuncture License Proposal

There has been a new proposal for an additional tier of licensure for acupuncturists in New Mexico, LAc’s, which would include “acupuncture and adjunct therapies but not Chinese herbal medicine.”
Reportedly, NM Representative Christine Chandler has been favorably hearing the proposal, and DOMs may well want to weigh in approval or disapproval of such a new license, along with supporting educational discussion of their individual views. We want NM DOMs to have a heads up about this, because there well may be ramifications or unintended consequences if we have LAc’s along with our current DOM’s in the future. To follow is a well laid out letter to Representative Christine Chandler that Dr. Caterina Di Palma, DOM, NMSAAM Board Member at Large, has been working up for several of us to sign when and if we are ready.

Free Research Article Tutorial by Lisa Conboy

Tips on how to read a research article Thank you for your time! The ARDAIL Project is seeing worldwide reach! Please share this with your colleagues and networks. Together we can spread this important tutorial on how to read a research article. Remember this tutorial...

Call for NMSAAM BOD Nominations

Would you like to make a difference for our profession? Join our NMSAAM Board of Directors. Call for nominations is now, and please do nominate yourself. Most applicants who have not served on this or another BOD begin by being a Board Member at Large, depending upon experience and interest. Applicants must be NMSAAM members in order to serve.