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NMSAAM is committed to keeping you updated about what is happening with our profession. We work with leaders both in the state and nationally to make sure that you have the information you need to advance our medicine into the future.

Call for NMSAAM BOD Nominations

Would you like to make a difference for our profession? Join our NMSAAM Board of Directors. Call for nominations is now, and please do nominate yourself. Most applicants who have not served on this or another BOD begin by being a Board Member at Large, depending upon experience and interest. Applicants must be NMSAAM members in order to serve.

On the Sunset of the New Mexico Practice Act and Safeguarding the Profession into the Future by Dr. Robert J. Bibeau, DOM

There is great cause for excitement in the Acupuncture profession as many practitioners feel the medicine is moving forward and integrating with the medical establishment in the United States at an accelerating rate. Recent advancements such as provision 2706 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the so called “non-discrimination in health care” clause(PPACA, 2010), and the US HR 1183 Acupuncture for Heroes and Seniors Act of 2019 (US HR 1183, 2019) often referred to as the “Judy Chu Bill” are some examples of the cause for such excitement. On the other hand, the profession is often facing the concerns posed by forces outside the profession which seemingly seek to ride the coattails of the efficacy of Acupuncture such as “dry-needling” among Physical Therapists. It seems however, that few are examining how to secure and safeguard the profession’s previous victories. This paper seeks to explore the need to ensure that our profession can continue to move forward in light of the fact that the sunset of various practice acts is rapidly approaching and examines the practice act in the State of New Mexico and the various threats posed to its renewal.

The Current State of NMSAAM by President Yvonne Walston

We on NMSAAM’s Board of Directors have been busy updating and fine-tuning our state’s professional association during the bleak Covid 19 pandemic winter and spring months of 2020-21…..Our current state of NMSAAM is full of hope, fiscally responsible, and anticipating more NM DOMs to join with us. Together we are advancing our profession, advancing relationships with other practitioners, working on continuing education, and having fun while doing it!

Findings from traditional Japanese medicine on the CoV-2 virus by Saul Vallée O.M.D., LicAc.

Clinical practice employing traditional Japanese techniques such as pulse diagnosis leads to strong evidence that microwave disturbance of genetic expression within the vagus nerve (first in bats, then in humans) is a key factor behind covid-19 symptomatology, and such evidence may help open the way to a broader understanding of the chains of causality behind the disease.